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Helpful Tips about Cat's in Trees

So your cat is stuck in a tree. What can you do?

Don’t panic, cats are excellent climbers and will rarely fall out of a tree. Most cats might come down on their own, if given some time to calm down. In my experience cats are very tough and hardy animals. If yours has to spend the night in a tree it should be fine. Some cats may come down during the night after things have calmed down and when it begins to feel confident again.

What about the fire department?

Everyone pictures a friendly fireman using the red fire engine and long ladder to rescue a stuck cat out of a tree.

The reality is that most fire departments will not rescue cats out of trees. This is mainly for two reasons. The first is because they have to be ready to respond to any human emergencies. They don’t want to be in the middle of a cat rescue when an emergency call comes in. The second reason is a fire engine with its long ladder truck may not be able to reach the tree a cat might be stuck in. With that said, some fire departments still do cat rescues occasionally. If you live in a small town your chances might be better that they will be able to come and help you.

Why do some cats get stuck and refuse to come down all the while crying for help?

Here are some possible reasons: Cats can go into a state of shock, and much like a human can be overcome with the fear of falling and simply not be able to think clearly. A cat can be so filled with fright that it doesn’t realize it’s capable of climbing down on its own. Also the curved claws of a cat work well for climbing up a tree trunk, but to climb down, the cat has to climb backwards down the trunk. This is not so easy for some cats to do naturally.

What if I have a pet bird stuck in a tree?

The people in this directory are professional tree climbers.  If your bird is stuck in a tree they can probably help you.  In all cases there is no guarantee that the climber will be able to get your animal. Birds can be quite challenging because they can fly.  Over the years our climbers have rescued not only cats but also pet birds, baby birds of prey, orphaned baby squirrels, model airplanes, pet iguanas and koalas!

Who do you call?

Tree climbing combined with handling a scared cat, even if your own, is extremely dangerous.

A cat, which is stuck in a tree, should be rescued by someone with both climbing experience and the proper climbing equipment. Remember, your cat would not want you to injure yourself or to become a second stuck victim.

If you’ve given your cat what seems to you enough time to come down on it’s own but the cat seems unlikely to climb down the tree, then a professional should be called.

Cat on an electric pole?

Electrical poles are dangerous to climb. It is illegal for anyone that is not authorized by the electric company to climb a utility pole. Try calling the utility company for assistance.

How do I find a professional to rescue my cat?

Use the directory on this site to find a climber in your area willing to get your cat down safely for you. 

If we do not have a climber listed in your area try calling a local tree care company, one that has professional tree climbers working for them. Also your local animal shelter or veterinary may know of services available in your area.